Hi, I’m Chris a digital native that embraces the impact of digital technologies our society. I speak the language of business and IT which allows me to help organisations transform their services into the new age.

Digital transformation

Digital technologies are transforming our socity very fast. This has a big impact on how people are working, communicating and buying.

Online marketing

Digital campaigns for international operating brands equipped with SEM, Display advertising, Retargeting, Automated marketing etc.

Business intelligence

Improve fact-based decision making within your organisation. How do you turn data into insights and deliver them to the right people?

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International brand website

Digital project management


Duration: 1.5 years

Client: Apollo Vredestein

Website: www.vredestein.co.uk

18 Countries

Stunning on all screens

State of the art tyre finder

Customizable dealer pages

Easy campaigns

Consumer friendly

Captivating content

Make your portfolio pop

Animated movies

One very satisfied client


Traffic management advertising assets


Together with JWT we created an international brand awareness campaign for Vredestein. Together with DJ Hardwell & Carmen Jorda we collected the sounds of a tyre while racing an Audi R8 and made mixtape. On the campaign website customers could created their own remix. I managed the design, creation and publication of the advertising artwork for 10 countries.

Watch the movie

What if?

You could give somebody the possibility to experience and fall in love with your city in the way you do?

When visiting a city, it are not the big monuments that make you fall in love with the city. It are the little things that can turn a city into a magical experience. Those places are the hidden treasures of a city that you don’t find that easily online. Urbanguide is a unique platform where local residents can create digital city experiences based on their interests. By matching the interests of a tourist with the interests of a local resident, a tourist can interact with the resident and, for a small amount of money, download the digital city experience.

Involvement: Co-founder

Website: www.urbangui.de

Instore communication

Digital Project management

For Vredesteins retail programme we created an instore communication platform. A big touchscreen mounted to a wheel island with engaging content, stunning video’s, a customer friendly tyre finder and attractive promotions. With one push on a button the client can live stream a product introduction to every store in Europe.

Dutch home care website

Concept creation & marketing strategy


Duration: 3 months

Client: TSN Thuiszorg

Localized content per city

Mobile first

Customer chat

Simplified sign-up forms

Automated marketing

Easy campaigns

Fully SEO optimized

Personal landing pages

A/B tested

One very satisfied client

Vredestein Testdriver

Digital project managment

The Vredestein Traxion XXL and Traxion+ tyres where awarded by DLG to be the most efficient tractor tyres. We wanted to let the farmers experience the efficiency of Vredesteins tyres. We created a mobile app that connects to an iBeacon. This is a small bluetooth transmitter that tells the app when the farmer enters his tractor. The app tracks the farmers driving activity and shows how much he is saving.

iOS & Android

German campaign

iBeacon technology

Automated marketing


Online & offline activation

Big data

One satisfied client

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