Bruco Integrated Circuits

High tech marketing

Shaping the future

Bruco Integrated Circuits is a high-tech company that specializes in technologies that will shape our future. Their IC designs are found in the most famous car brands, smartphones, airplanes and so on.

Integrated circuits (ICs) are a keystone of modern electronics. They are the heart and brains of most devices.  They are the little black “chips” you find on just about every circuit board. Bruco’s Radio Frequency and Integrated Power chip designs allow us to travel around the world, always be connected and power our devices anywhere.


The black box

Bruco Integrated Circuits is a company that creates amazing new technologies, from driverless cars to ground breaking microwave technologies visiting their innovative lab is tasting a glance of the future.

Explaining these technologies from expert to expert is easy, the only effect is that the company became a black box for outsiders.

We created a communication flow from household mom to manager to specialist to encourage employees to start presenting the company in a way that their ambassadors could understand.


Showning technology

Through advanced 3D visualisation we created the “Bruco world” where we would show where Bruco’s technologies could be found and how they are affecting society.


Specialist in innovative technology

The people behind Bruco are the true force. We organized a photoshoot that displayed the level of high tech innovation inside the company.

Shaping the future


Bruco IC HQ

To stimulate Bruco’s recruitment campaign we used the front of the building, which is located at a busy road, to create awareness around Bruco. Through a survey we asked the employees, which technological projects they where proud of. Next we created a hallway of technology featuring the top 10 technologies turning a visit into a technological experience.