Cooper Tires

Digital transformation across EMEA

Transforming Cooper Tire’s digital landscape from 2008 to 2018 and beyond in 8 months time.

How do you implement a digital-driven mindset throughout an international organization? We’ve managed to restructure the complete digital landscape for Cooper Tire within an extremely short timeframe.

The outcome?

Cooper Tire is now able to easily build digital awareness and drive sales directly to their dealers. And they’ve overtaken every other tire brand on social media by growing extremely fast. Transforming an international organization within 8 months time demands constant focus on aligning people, processes and platforms.


Creating a clear and easy customer journey

Redefining the complex process of finding the right tire that fits your vehicle and becoming the best online tire search tool that connects potential customers to dealers and drives additional sales in a measurable way.

How do you create a digital touchpoint funnel which does all of the above?

Brand Website Cooper


Finding the tire that suits your car

Finding the tire that matches your vehicle is the most important part of the path to purchase. Our tire finder matches thousands of vehicle types with hundreds of tires in less than a second, creating a seamless experience for the visitor. A smart AI captures the users input in the background and automatically improves the performance of the tire finder.

Driving traffic to the retail network

The digital world is accelerating faster and faster and it’s becoming extremely hard to keep up for our dealers. By connecting our dealer locator to custom dealer pages, we can support dealers in providing their customers with the ultimate online experience in order to generate greater amounts of traffic to their physical stores.

Intelligent dealer locator


Building a strong community of car aficionados

Streamlining social media activities throughout Europe and thus enabling enormous growth in the online community.

Cooper Tire has been officially selected by as the fastest growing tire brand on social media.

“Within 8 months they were able to turn around most of our digital touchpoints in Europe and turn our digital landscape into a well oiled digital engine.”

Michiel KramerMarketing Director EMEA – Cooper Tires