Hartman outdoor

International product launch

I am Sophie,
for everyone
& everywhere

Hartman is one of the most iconic outdoor furniture brands in the Netherlands. Almost everybody recognizes the brand from the older white garden chairs that were indestructible. By introducing the new “Sophie” product line, Hartman wants to address a younger audience in both the Netherlands and across the whole of Europe.

For Hartman we took care of the entire product introduction across Europe. In order to succesfully target a new audience, we challenged them to take a different path in their identity through a brand new style of photography.


I am Sophie

Hi there! I’m Sophie. The one seat you’ll ever need! For over 50 years, Hartman has been about comfort, design & quality. Hartman watches over your precious moments. Therefore at Hartman, our designers won’t sleep until they’ve created the perfect piece for you. We’ve worked hard so you are able to simply enjoy our lovely creation.

Don’t be shy. Get to know me better by taking a closer look at my features.


The face of the campaign

Sophie is known for her ability to be used as both an indoor and as an outdoor chair. We’ve used surrealistic environments in the campaign photography to highlight these elements. Through advanced 3D visualisation we were able to create custom photography for each country.


Online & offline

The strength of print is the unique physical experience it can deliver to your customers.
For the I am Sophie campaign we’ve created a special experience through a beautifully designed catalogue that comes together with special packaging.

I am Sophie brochure


Campaign website

The digital world is accelerating faster and faster and it’s becoming extremely hard to keep up for our dealers. By providing dealers with online and offline marketing support, we can support dealers in order to generate greater amounts of traffic to their physical stores.

Campaign website