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Hi I’m Chris

A Digital Brand Strategist working with highly skilled freelancers, global teams & clients, crafting impactful brand concepts, with a commitment to empowering the digital frontier as a partner to future proof brands.

As a Digital Brand Strategist with 13+ years of experience and a passion for high-tech and automotive, I focus on shaping experiences through strategy & impactful design that contributes to the audience’s journey of life.

I am fascinated how the internet has changed our lives, and I am curious to discover what it will bring for the future. My mission helps people, business, and society understand and embrace how digital technology will change their world. International websites, brand experiences, campaigns or complex digital transformation projects?

Drop me a line if you would like to team up!

In the past 8 years I have proudly served the following clients:

Young digital natives that challenge you to think different.

Some of the reasons why customers choose us

Award winning content
Aiming for the highest quality of websites and content that has been rewarded by CSS Design Awards, Awwwards, AVA awards and Drum Awards
Growth through digital transformation
Through a great team and a unique method, I’m able to turn international brands into digital frontrunners that engage with their future audience.
Helping companies evolve
By presenting where a company wants to be in 3 to 5 years, instead of where they are today. We attract the next generation of customers, partners and employees to help the company grow towards their vision.

Whatever you need, I’m looking forward to hear from you

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